The BIRH solutions

Business intelligence has become an inescapable issue
in the optimized management of major companies.
These systems, which were formerly reserved for finance or accounting
have become indispensable today for Human Resources to
get a full overview of the firm's activity.
Throughout its network of subsidiaries.

The entire issue of computer decision-making depends on the
capacity to collect stock, distribute and analyze data so as to
ensure clear, accurate and reliable information.

On the basis of the rationalized data WINCH Consulting creates
dashboards. Matching each customer specific needs.
These tools are understandable and legible by everyone. They allow
information to be viewed through key indicators that
can be tailored to the needs of the manager

The decisional solutions developed by
WINCH Consulting provides clear answers to
the problems HR managers have to face:

  • Managing staff and costs
  • Budgetizing payroll costs
  • Anticipating retirement
  • Hiring new talented people
  • Building loyalty in employees
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training
  • Managing knowledge
  • Reducing costs
  • ...