Our approach

Thanks to a significant feedback and sharing of experience in the
domain of BIHR, WINCH Consulting plays an important
role in counseling and is a real proposal force all through
the projects developed by the firm.

During a full functional audit, our experts take a high-level
perspective on the source system of each client individually.
They analyze the existing solutions and help customers
articulate additional needs.

As soon as a solution is envisaged, there is no need for
"destroying” everything and start building again from scratch.
On the contrary, we adjust to the firm’s existing software
to provide complementary developments.

When there is no specification, our consultants use
the “iteration” procedure. This flexible policy approach
is characterized by testing phases. Therefore customers can
give new direction for their actions as needs become clearer.

We build teams and set up actions plans that
meet the customers’ needs.
Due to our mastery of both the source tools and the
functional, technical requirements of the decisional
part, we reduce the number of our partners on the project.
Consequently, analysis and problem solving are accelerated.