With BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) SAP solutions,
your teams are provided a self serve access to the data they need
and then get instant high-quality results. These solutions aim to
optimize decision making and provide factual information for the users,
regardless of the origin of the data.

The BusinessObjects BI SAP solutions provide complete features in the
following domains:

Reporting and analysis:

  • SAP Crystal Reports - Connect to the data sources,
    whatever they may be, design and edit interactive
    reports and share them internally and externally.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP - Perform
    multivariate data analyses with an OLAP tool specially
    designed for corporate financial analysts.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft - Perform
    advanced data analyses in your data warehouse with an intuitive
    interface, directly from the Microsoft Office environment.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - Execute ad hoc queries
    and intuitive analyses on heterogeneous data sources, on line and off line.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Workbench - Explore your wealth
    of information to identify the future trends.


  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards - Create interactive dashboards
    to quickly view complex data.

Data mining:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer - Seek and explore corporate data
    for instant visibility.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version - Accelerate
    data while profiting from the In-Memory analysis functions.

Mobile applications:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile – Gain access to your reports,
    metric and data from the mobile device of your choice.

BI Platform:

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform- Benefit from a single platform
    That brings together the semantic layer, the security devices and
    the delivery mechanisms for an increased visibility on the company.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Integration - Connect the BI to the business applications
    to optimize decision making.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Live Office – Integrate the BI into Microsoft Office to
    incorporate data in presentations, worksheets and documents.